the fun run

Today was going to be the best day of my life. Because it was the day of the fun run people nation-wide were competing. It was really really good because you get an orange at each stop. An when I was running this kid within 2 meters wearing a crocodile top collapsed I did not know what to do so I just kept running. At the end of the fun run I went back to see if that little boy with the crocodile top is ok and he was. After me and my family went back home to my awesome house.


‘Greeting humans of earth’ my name is Peaky i’m going into space for a science experiment I am going to be here for over a year doing the amazing experiment that has been set up by a famous school in the USA that over 50,000 kids go there they sent me on a mission to the sun but sadly I did not make it there I really wish I did so I could make the kids proud. but the parachute on my rocket did not work so i ran into the sun and I melted. From the heat, it was boiling.


Tomorrow is the day of peace everyone in the world has stop fighting. It’s so good to know that there is no violence going on in the world it my  favourite day. My school celebrates it with a no violence party. Its so good. We get to sleep at school and the next day we don’t have to do any work we just watch movie all day. I wish peace was every day and that there was no war so no one got heart.It would be my dream come true my other dream would be to get chocolate every day.


Me and my family are going  to my grandmas  in the u.s.a because its cool. I love my grandma so much because she always tell me stories about witches and how they  kill kids.”so  are you excited to see grandma” i said ” yes off course we ahhhhhh we all screamed mum dad whats going on i said after we hit a tree but there was no respondents  they were dead. My hart was racing  faster when the ambulance drove off with my dead parents. My grandma had to take care of me that’s  good  because she can tell me  more about witches.



Today was the day me and my family were arriving in Greece for our holiday. I had never been to Greece so I was so excited and one of the reasons why I was so excited is because the Olympics games first started in Greece so it’s pretty cool. when we got off the plane the first thing I saw was this green looking beach and water and I thought “well what a start to my holiday”. I said to mum there is no way you’re going to catch me getting in their green beach green because it just was

the potatolympics

The Potatolympics were run at Yahl PS during the Rio Olympic Games.

They are a sport event that is based on the Olympics and involves Maths and potatoes. Our class (The 4/5s) created potato athletes out of real spuds and decorations.


My event

Was called bounce ‘n’ shoot I worked with my best friend Abbey to come up with a good event and so we made up bounce “n” shoot. We had to set up a little trampoline and lean it up against a part of the playground and get a hoop then you bounce the potato onto the trampoline through the hoop from as far back as you can it was pretty challenge and you only got two shoots on each level but if you missed the hoop two time you would not be able to go to the next level. The people who came 1st was Brianna and Bj and 2nd was Taneeka and 3rd was will.


My favorite event

was the high jump it was organized by Natalie and Emily. I liked because it was pretty challenging and really fun. What you had to do was bounce your potato over a wooden ruler and try not to hit it. you would get three goes on each level but if you got it on your first go you would move up to the next level and same with your second but if you miss on your 3rd go you don’t get another shot. The people who came 1st was Oriana, Oliver, josh and I the people who came 2nd was Jedda and Zac and 3rd was Bj and Molly.


today is the big  day I was competing in the Olympics at  soccer for  Matilda. I was so excited in the morning before the game all I was doing was thinking about was the game. It was now time to walk out onto the filled i had butterflies in stomach my hart was betting faster and faster as the crowd was cheering for Australia it was now time for the game to begin in 3,2,1 and their off oh and did i tell you this race was for the gold medal.anyway back to the game i got the ball and i past off…….

the flamingo

There I was staring at an extraordinary black flamingo it was amazing. Then for a split second I looked away then I turned back and could not see the flamingo. Then I felt something poke me so I look to see who it was it was the cheeky flamingo who poked me it had got out of the cage

“oh well the excitement is over we better go home then’’


When we arrived home we seen this man underneath the van “excuse me sir why are you underneath my mums van” because there is a small oil leek I have come to fix it.